About the Artist………

I’ve been a Crafter all my life. My grandmother, a wonderful artist, taught me how to sew when I was four. This instilled the desire to create! Knotting string for “friendship bracelets”, hunting and gathering inspiration out of every crack of every sidewalk. I was designing before I knew it!

Collage has always had my fascination, so as I grew and accumulated more techniques for craft, one day I “collaged” them all together! Metal, paper, beach findings, beads……this is how I spend my mornings. After 2p.m. I’m on to my other duties, being mom to my two boys Avani and Vega. We live northwest of San Francisco, California, in the redwoods. We have two cats and a house rabbit. Mike cooks at a local market, and we all love to go bowling!

My plan for Paper Organics Jewelry is to make one-of-a-kind art on an affordable basis for everyone to collect, pass-on, and enjoy! I’m sure in time my art will evolve, and I hope one day your piece of it will appreciate. I’m thankful everyday for my family and loved ones. My heart is big with joy!



Home Sea Life Abstract Petal
2 Inches of Graffitti Floral Hair Sticks Industrial Organics
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